Sunday, September 26, 2010

What, exactly, IS A Good Relationship?

Quite frequently when I speak with women and men alike, both express the desire to be in a “good relationship” with a “good man/woman”, and quite frequently these sentiments leave me confused with a vague impression of what, precisely, qualifies, as a “good relationship with a good man/woman”.  So, naturally, I channeled Sherlock and good ole’ Watson and began to ask some questions.  What exactly makes a good relationship?  Is it the time the relationship occupies? Must it be longer than a year, two years, or result in marriage?  Are all marriages portraits of good relationships? 

During my investigation, I spoke with my high school sweetheart. Now, to give a little insight, my high school sweetheart was really the first girl to have me open and helplessly falling in love.  She was ALSO the only girl to truly break my heart (cue the AWWW!).  Since we broke up my freshman year, we have had sparing conversation as she has continued with her life, and I have done likewise.  BUT, in this conversation, the gratitude that I felt for our relationship was more apparent than ever because as I explored my past adolescent feelings I, once, had for this young woman, I realized the lessons I learned through that relationship.

As I matured past the hurt of a young boy’s first heartbreak, I saw the manner in which we interacted, and I could identify what it would take for ladies to check in the game with Just GQ in the future.  Feel me?  I learned NOT TO SETTLE and learned what makes a relationship good to me, personally, which are some of the most important relationship lessons I have learned in my short existence. 

Personally, I qualify a foundation of friendship, genuine care for the other’s well-being, attraction/chemistry (personality and physical), compromise, and understanding as the makings of a good relationship.  More specifically, I categorize my relationship with my high school sweetheart as a “good relationship” because it allowed me to LEARN and GROW as a person, so I could better contribute to future productive relationships.  Growth holds pivotal importance in surroundings saturated with bitter people who refuse to take mature stances acknowledging poor personal decisions, which assisted in the demises of relationships past.

Dare to be DIFFERENT, and LEARN from past experiences to facilitate your GROWTH!  Thank YOU for checking in the GAME with Just GQ and for helping the blog grow in popularity! Keep CHECKING IN as I will keep serving up the topics about which you want to hear!

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