Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bright Lights, Big Hats, & Bowties

The Mixx Magazine released its new, "Self Made Men" issue on Monday, and Just GQ is featured in it, speaking on Spring fashion trends, primarily Derby fashion. Read on to see the article, and make sure you check out The Mixx Magazine (just click the link at the beginning of the post)! Let's SUPPORT! GOD BLESS!

As the Bluegrass state basks in the national sporting spotlight, the events comprising the Kentucky Derby festivities double as a continuous fashion show. The colors much like the lights, which accentuate the dirt and grass tracks at Churchill Downs are bright by nature, crossing patterns and matching plaids with stripes and solids, alike. The bold fashions surrounding the events may actually precede the allure of the race, which draws 155,000 people from around the world, who come to experience all that Derby has to offer.

In the interest of southern charm and chivalry, we will, initially, address the ladies. The staple of Derby fashion lies in the famous accessory, the “Derby hat”. While the gentlemen participate in this trend with caps and fedoras, these oversized, colorful beauties complement the prim, proper demeanor conveyed through the dresses and other ensembles dawned by the girls and women taking part in this riveting time. Every female attending the weekend’s celebrations dare not leave the house for the track without a brim wide enough to deserve an “excuse me” as people avoid the item, which secures one’s personal space in a fashionable manner.

As for the fellas, their statements through fashion derive from suits and colorful, yet unique shirts, ties, and shoes. Classic, regal style reigns supreme across the board particularly, though, as the men sport seersucker, linen, and poplin suits, suits constructed from naturally lighter materials in accommodation for warmer weather. In addition to these mainstay suits for Derby, bowties run rampant, coming in a cornucopia of styles (classic, diamond & skinny among others) and colors often serving as the signature pieces in men’s looks. The bowtie, however, while frequently worn, does not claim exclusive rights to the neckwear at Derby. Half windors, full windsors, and skinny ties  (oh my!) also play a starring role in this suited presentation.

So with a valediction of wingtips and stilettos, I bid you adieu in hopes that as you gear up for 137th Kentucky Derby, you are, now, in the know regarding pieces you can incorporate into your personal style to put your best foot forward. Thanks for checking in the GAME with Just GQ!

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