Thursday, June 2, 2011

You Just Mad Cuz I'm Stylin' On You...

(This picture does not really illustrate the post,'s kinda funny. Don't you judge me! #shrug)

We know through prior conversation and experience that people think and function in a shallow manner, initially, at the very least. This is true and unavoidable, however, we have also learned that pre-judgment worked strategically, then, becomes an advantage, an asset to an extent. One’s personal style portrays personality and speaks volumes in regards to a person without he/she even uttering a word. Trends come and trends go, but cool is forever, and as people shamelessly follow trends and fads like celebrities on Twitter, it is very possible to swing & miss when constructing a personal style. The beauty within that lies in the fact that being an individual automatically distinguishes you from the crowd.

Breaking away can certainly make you a “one-man wolfpack”, however just as Alan gained three more wolves in his pack, people will more than likely respect and/or follow your personal style, unless you are a jerk trying to be outrageous just for something to do, but I digress. Realize, though, that people tend to resist and view differences in a less than favorable manner, and because of that, confidence is key when establishing one’s personal style. Experiment. Some things will work. Some things won’t work. This is all a part of figuring out what works for you, but people will still hate. Allow this unsolicited, worthless commentary to render ZERO reaction from you, cementing your mentality in your freshness.

I will level with you because I feel like I can let my guard down with you, some a couple of the fits I have worn in the past were —um..— wack less than fly in retrospect. While my choice in clothes perhaps could have been better on those select occasions, the confidence I exuded more than made up for a less than attractive shirt, pair of pants or shoes because confidence encompasses the ultimate aphrodisiac, and the majority of people can appreciate genuine confidence in the midst of overwhelming societal facades.

For the record: This really only happened like twice in life, I have been fly since pampers and pull-ups, #andthatsreal!. ;-)

Anyways, whether people say you are a white person trying to dress “black”, a black person trying to dress “white”, or just general thoughtless, inaccurate remarks, they are only words. Ignore them. OBSERVE other styles for ideas. EXPERIMENT with your own look. INCORPORATE ideas where possible, and stand out while being comfortable and happy with yourself!

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