Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What Is Your Next Move?

May is a time for change (Shoutout to President Obama).  The rain begins to subside as spring transforms to summer.  Graduations on all levels of academia occur as transitions begin from high school to college and college to the beginning of professional lives whether that be down the proverbial path of careers or advanced learning.  And in the spirit of achievement (YO! to Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.), I would like to aim this blog at the importance of ambition and achievement of goals, which we set for ourselves.

As you all know I matriculated through the college ranks as a student athlete, playing football for the University of Louisville, and in my time spent at this level, I was privileged to see a large number of my teammates and friends at other schools accomplish the ULTIMATE goal of any athlete, a professional career in his/her respective sport.  BUT even after the BCS bowl games, top 10 rankings, and awards attained, I have witnessed an significantly larger number of guys not make it to the next level though based on hype, they were a shoe-in.

The NFL Draft season, which recently occurred, provided my teammates: Joe Tronzo, Trent Guy, Scott Long, and Jon Dempsey among other friends of mine with the prime opportunity of living out their professional aspirations.  Though a certain glitz and glamour finds an association with that of people who find themselves suddenly receiving large sums of money, it does not come close to the diligence and tireless labor behind the scenes which truly served as the fuel to drive goals, in general, to come to fruition.

So, in this installment of Just GQ, I wanted to pose this question. “What is your next move?”  Some of you may be scratching your heads in regards to this question as it is one of great magnitude and in some cases uneasiness, but I will share with you what my dad tells me, “Preparation is the greatest remedy for anxiety.”

The formula to preparation you ask?

>Identify your goal: What do you want to achieve?
>Outline a plan of action: How do you plan to reach your goal?
>Provide a deadline: Define a date by which to complete your goal, preferably, earlier than it must be completed.
>Commit to your goal: Be RELENTLESS in YOUR pursuit of YOUR goal!
>ACHIEVE! – Conquer for what you have toiled!

Thanks for joining me for this installment of Just GQ!  Stay tuned this week because I will be hitting you all with another blog SOON!  ACHIEVEMENT is key! Check in the game!

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