Thursday, April 22, 2010

So what, I’m A Little Picky!

Would you start classes without a schedule, or start a job without knowing what it was the task entailed? Well, all too often, people claim to be “looking for love” but have no idea for what they are looking.  You must first know yourself and what you value, personally, before you even THINK about involving another person.  The majority of people who find themselves unhappy in relationships are those who lack a proper outlook on what they actually desire in a mate.

The inspiration for this installment of Just GQ derived from a revival I attended at Bates Memorial Church on Wednesday (Check them out when you get a chance).  While the sermon covered several aspects pertinent to human life, the portion from which I drew my inspiration spoke to the topic of self-improvement.

Defining and obtaining a proper level of comfort with yourself serves a vital role in not only finding someone you desire but also in constructing what you can even offer another person.  People who fail to be happy with themselves FIRST inhibit their ability to make someone else happy and in the process become a liability in the relationship as opposed to being an asset to their significant other. 

I suggest this: KNOW YOUR “UNCOMPROMISEABLES”!  I, personally, receive a considerable amount of flack from those in my inner circle because I am “too picky”, but I, simply, make an effort to not compromise my “uncompromiseables” (Faith in and love for the LORD, high levels of education and ambition, and a sense of family).  By “uncompromiseables”, I mean know what qualities are essential to your compatibility with the opposite sex.  Generally, those who compromise their “uncompromiseables” find themselves longing for more from both their relationship and the other party. 

Free yourself of concern with other people’s approval and interpretation of what YOUR standards should be.  Know YOUR worth and that the company you keep is a reflection of you!  There is however, a thin line between picky and unreasonable.  I have learned that it is nearly impossible to find ALL the particular qualities (physically, emotionally, and personality) you desire in one person, but view the person as a whole and do not allow a nearly insignificant aspect of a person allow you to miss out on someone great!

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