Monday, April 19, 2010

Chivalry Wanted: Dead or Alive

Those of you who have checked out my Facebook and/or Twitter, @GQ50 (Please excuse the shameless plug), are more than likely familiar with my “return to chivalry” movement.  With that being said, I pose this question to you: is chivalry truly dead, on life support, or simply endangered at the present moment?  Webster-Merriam defines chivalry as actions of  “gallant or distinguished gentlemen”. In popular television and music, the frequent and shameless saturation of vivid descriptions of disrespect between sexes plagues the minds of many. This makes it seemingly appear to be the normal type of interaction in which people should engage, BUT this is OBVIOUSLY a caricature of a suitable state of human relations.

Often when the topic of chivalry rises to the proverbial surface of conversation, people question the purpose of the gentlemanly practice.  That is when GQ checks in the game (Sound the horn!).  Chivalry is more than opening doors and pulling out chairs; it entails a total manner in which one carries himself.  Ladies have been incorrectly sought after for so long, they are now drawn to the inadequate men who have no concept of the correct way to treat a lady.  When women complain about the all too often mentioned “shortage of good men”, this is the concept to which they reference. 

Now, this is partially the fault of men, but ladies, YOU play THE MOST important role in this game of gender interaction.  In order to properly influence the practice of chivalry, to ensure the grade in which you are treated as a woman (I might add), you MUST encourage chivalry.  How do you do that, you ask?  Raise the standard for whose pursuit you entertain.  I am not saying you should be stuck up because that is an entirely different story (to be discussed in a later blog), but bluntly put, STOP ENTERTAINING LAMES.  If you demand a gentleman, you will find a gentleman.  Chivalry had been momentarily abandoned because it was not made necessary.

For the fellas, the reasoning behind this “soon to be” habit is relatively simple.  Chivalry serves as an avenue to set yourself apart from the abundance of lames that often attempt to present competition in the pursuit of a lady.  Exemplifying a unique opportunity for her to be treated with the respect she deserves WILL open her eyes to what could and should be.  So, CHECK IN THE GAME and restore the gentleman to his rightful place in the forefront of manhood!

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  1. I'm just beginning to read all of your posts---I LOVE these!! Quite the writer :)