Monday, April 12, 2010

What She Wants From You

From media to general conversation amongst men, one of the most frequently repeated questions, which yields no correct response, pertains to uncovering the true desires of women.  Now, before you get all pumped, I will say I am not claiming to know the answer to one of life's great mysteries, but I do have the roadmap to the route you can travel to gain insight into what it is, in fact, a specific woman wants because while all women share certain characteristics, they are unique individuals at their core.

All too often men begin their interaction with a female focused on short term goals (your first guess was correct), and it is during the waiting portion when the guy gets to know the personality of the object of his focus.  In the instance that a man's interest in peaked to the point where he desires a deeper knowledge of the woman, his conversation with reflect more curiosity in what makes her tick.  This is generally where the guy gets stumped.

I recently had a conversation with one of my cousins regarding this very topic, and I shared with him that a woman will tell you everything you need to know to understand her.  If you talk to a woman, you can get her, but if you listen to her you can UNDERSTAND her. Listening facilitates learning, and learning births understanding.  Some people may have the crazy confused face, but when a woman is asked about a previous relationship, listen to the good and the bad.  The combination of her words and body language will tell you what he did that she liked and what she did not care for.  Another recurring example is movies, if something occurs in a movie that she characterizes as "so cute, and I wish a guy would do that for me someday", internalize the comments, and think of something of that genre she would appreciate. Fellas, check in the game!

 Just a little bit of insight. Thanks for visiting the Just GQ blog. Check back for new posts coming soon! 


  1. for once i agree with gq50 completely. women will always tell a guy what she wants/like, whether its subtle or blunt. taking that extra time to actually LISTEN will make all the difference in the relationship.

  2. this is absolutely true too..we drop hints all the time at guys abt wat we like n wat we dont like..wen our ex is brought up, there is a reason he is the EX...listen 2 y...n wat went wrong..or if one day u do sumthin 2 make us happy n we tell u how happy n different n surprised we r u did it, we really r surprised n happy. the little things count so much! juss thinkin of us wen ur n the store n see sum flowers, pick it up, or sumthin that reminds u of us, text us n tell us...we do it 4 yall, we would like it n juss shows we're appreciated n cared abt.