Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cheers To The Editor

“She say I'm too wild, she wanna tame me; I told her 'even Photoshop couldn't change me” -Drake

I interpreted this lyric to express a valuable sentiment in his verse on “Digital Girl”. For some strange reason, women often think they know what men mean better than men do.  Allow me to dispel this rumor at the beginning for those who need it spelled out for them.  YOU CANNOT CHANGE HIM! SO DO NOT TRY!

KEEP IN MIND: Topics covered in Just GQ are RARELY gender specific. Lessons apply to EVERYONE!

Whew! I am happy we got that out of the way.  Basically, men evaluate a woman’s—hmm…let’s call it, “staying potential” within knowing her for about two quality interactions.  Your first impression is truly pivotal in the manner by which you are perceived.  Now, I am all too familiar with the thought process women adopt when they want to “fix him up” or “if I could just change this one thing”, but people’s behavior reflects habit. Thus, people must make a conscious effort to alter their habits in order for a change in behavior to occur AND REMAIN.  Your desire for someone to act in a different manner will more than likely not adopted and accepted by them in a genuine fashion. 

Most commonly, women believe they gain the success in changing him for which they longed because they observe temporary change.  Women, generally, recognize the aforementioned change as a proclamation of HIS shared desire to transform because HE felt this amendment to his behavior was necessary. In Layman’s terms, women think he changed because he wanted to, BUT the actuality of the situation (in most cases) is he changed because of the pressure she provided and it is nothing but a screensaver until the system reboots (Word to the nerds!). 

The other frequent attempt at change (outside of characteristic modification) occurs when one party avoids comprehending the message “I am not lookin for a girl/guy right now.”  During a conversation, I was told, “When guys tell girls they don’t want to be exclusive, girls just hear ‘TRY HARDER!’”  Pulling from my personal experiences, I have realized that through narcissistic proclamation, whether verbal or mental, when someone feels they are the better deal, they think you should feel the same.  This is a fallacy, for both males AND females.  Remember, ambiguity is clarity’s enemy, so when you are given a clear message, take it as such.

Word to the wise. Do not try to change people.  No one is perfect, however tolerance is key because there are, more than likely, some aspects of your personality that require toleration too.  If you cannot deal with the certain characteristics, go back to the store and continue shopping.  We have, now, reached the check out line. Lol.

Thank you for CHECKING IN THE GAME!  Thank you for continuing to check in on a regular basis. Stay tuned for more updates on Just GQ! God Bless!

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