Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Return of Mr. Kanye West

Innovative creation or abstract confusion? These ideas embody the impressions left on viewers of Kanye West's new video showcased in a 35-minute short film, Runaway.  The video depicts a phoenix that crashes to earth in a fiery blaze before being rescued by Mr. West, who takes her (Selita Ebanks) to his house where he teaches her how to adapt to society.  Mr. West walks us through a number of new tracks, which debuted on the "G.O.O.D. Friday" series of his website (, as he details the framework of societal norms.  The controversial musician, who also directed the project, utilizes the phoenix to symbolize the constraint on uniqueness in an environment slow to accept innovation and change.

While the project has received mix reviews, as Kanye West receives mixed reviews, one thing is certain.  Kanye West has undoubtedly expanded the spectrum through which we see the cohesion of music and art.  The exquisite use of imagery and alternate sources of conveyance are simply unavoidable when viewing this piece.  Mr. West's forward thinking dwarfs pop culture's common staples of money, cars, clothes, and objectifying women.  While the video displays a higher level of living and a beautiful woman (phoenix in this case), the portrayal is done so artistically and uncommonly.  Kudos to Mr. West. 

I, for one, CANNOT WAIT for the release of his newest project, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy", on November 22nd! Welkome Back, Mr. Kanye West! We missed you!

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