Thursday, October 21, 2010


In mid-September, my teammate, roommate, and friend, Daniel Covington was unjustly shot and killed in a racist attack (google "Daniel Covington").  The Covington family has reached out to ALL who knew Daniel to write letters to Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengal to make sure they charge Isaiah Howes with the murder of Daniel Covington.  I am posting my letter as a template for ALL to follow.  PLEASE join me in writing a letter to deliver justice to my dear friend, his family, friends, and all know knew him! Send your letters by FRIDAY PLEASE!

Send letter to:
Louisville Metro Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel
514 W. Liberty St. Ste. 240
Louisville, KY 40202

and send duplicate letter to:
The Justice Resource Center
115 Steedly Drive
Louisville, KY 40214

"Attorney Stengal:

With the abundance of emotional outpour in Louisville, Lexington, and the state, as a whole, the immense impact Daniel Covington had on the people with whom he came in contact is clearly apparent.  Daniel has been repeatedly characterized as a God-fearing, ambitious, caring, selfless, and peaceful gentleman who loved volunteering his time to children (BEFORE and after his untimely death).  The uproar by those, who even, only met Daniel once, when the initial reports detailed his ALLEGED actions pales in comparison to the character references of the killer, Isaiah Howes. 

Merriam-Webster defines “character” as “the complex of mental and ethical traits marking and often individualizing a person”.  Daniel distinguished himself in a manner that sparked outrage when details inconsistent with his character were INCORRECTLY conveyed.  Howes, on the other hand, possesses a laundry list of prior illegal instances including weapons, DUI, drugs, disrespecting authorities, and most importantly VIOLENCE (both under the influence AND not).  Where was the outrage when these reports were released?  When behavior is consistent, it becomes expected.  Howes has made a habit of substance abuse and belligerent violence, and regardless of whom his father is, the perceived objectives of the justice system remain constant; to provide justice and preserve order and safety.

I implore you; CHARGE Isaiah Howes with the murder of Daniel Covington WITHOUT the umbrella of self-defense.   Since when is it acceptable to harass others, bombarding them with a barrage of racial slurs?  Since when is it acceptable to SHOOT someone dead in a fist fight instigated by the shooter? How is it feasible for one man to beat up two men, one of whom is larger than him, through an SUV window?  What effect will this have on the public perception of self-defense and freedom to fire without consequence?  I charge you to answer these questions, consider the implications of this incident, and deliver justice for a mourning mother, family, and community.  Thank you and GOD bless!

Best regards,

(Name here)

My relationship to Daniel: Friend, U of L Football Teammate (2005-2009), and Roommate"


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  1. I think your letter is well thought out and written very well. I definitely agree with everything you say. It isn't fair what happened to Daniel. I do believe that it is important for all of us to take some of this as a lesson when we look at who we are voting for, and what statutes are in place where we reside. In KY a person has the legal right to use deadly force in a place such as their home or their car and they do not have the obligation to try and leave the scene. however, in many other states you can only use Deadly force as a last result, and you must try and leave the scene before using that force. So maybe that is something that needs to be changed in KY, and if so, we need the right people in office that are wiling to do that. And just as a side note, I know you mentioned that you want the DA to try Howes without the umbrella of self-defense, however, the self defense part is up to the defense, not the prosecution. It shouldn't stop the prosecution from prosecuting him though. I can only hope that they are still investigating the situation, and that justice will be served. I will continue to keep the Covington Family and you in my prayers. I just thought I would drop my 2 cents. Take care.