Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stand Firm!

Good Day, Just GQ readers. Amongst all the narcissistic people in the world, who convince themselves that everyone is “hating on them” (Shoutout to Lana “igotsomanyhaters” Jones, somewhere on Facebook), true haters do, actually, exist in most circles and play an undeniable role in life’s play. Haters, dream killers, antagonists, etc. essentially serve as a human manifestation of adversity. Given that, I ask: How do you approach obstacles? Do you take them head on? Do you maneuver around them? Do you just ignore them?

Regardless of your approach, one thing remains certain. As naysayers read from, what seems to be a never-ending script, YOU MUST KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND FOR WHAT YOU STAND! Sometimes you just have to travel with two birds ready to flip anyone who attempts to de-rail you from your objective (gentlemanly birds, of course). This principle ventures into another realm passing simple confidence because confidence can be false, but true self-assuredness is conveyed through actions. The resilience that one displays when told something is impossible exudes a Hulk-like strength of character.

Who validates YOU? Are you firm within yourself, or do you need a multitude of people around you patting you on the back telling you how great you are?

The manner in which one expresses him/herself speaks volumes about that person, as a whole, and often the messages we send about ourselves do not coincide with the message we think we send.

Let’s do a little exercise.

1. Think of three adjectives (describing words) that accurately depict who you are, as a person.
2. Arrange these in order of importance to you: Education, Family, Faith/Religion, Extracurricular Interests (Sports, Music, Writing etc.), and Attainment of your goals.
3. If a random person talked to one of your friends, what would be three words he/she would use to describe you?

With this in mind, can you, now, more effectively identify what is most important to you? Would the adjectives you used to describe yourself match with your friends’ description? If so, then kudos and continue, but if not, perhaps, you should revise the manner in which you present yourself, and re-evaluate your priorities. If you do not know who you truly are, then how can you expect anyone else to have a clue? Think on that!

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