Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Diggin' For Gold

In pursuit of an ideal mate, one MUST be able to identify the qualities, which hold a high level of importance to him/her.  I would venture to hypothesize that if you wrote down your top five attributes for your mate to possess, something in the neighborhood of ambitious, desire to excel, or successful would be included.  Rightfully so, in my humble opinion; I know it is, shamelessly, in my top five.  No one (I use this term knowing that some jerk out there would disagree solely for the sake of disagreeing) would find a bum with no ambition to be a qualifying candidate for the “future building sweepstakes”.  Nice title right? Lol..

Social constructs, on the other hand, have made us self-conscious about citing ambition as an endearing, attractive characteristic because of the possibility of earning the dreaded “gold digger” tag.  Cue Jamie and Kanye. “I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger, but she ain’t..” (Clears throat) Allow me to continue. 

I ask you. What makes someone a gold digger?

Often the tag would be “awarded” (I chuckled a bit) to a young man/lady whose success and/or cash flow paled in comparison to the “goldmine”.  Athletes are repeatedly instructed to beware of girls using them for their earning power or, once the power is realized, the actual money.  I do have a bit of potentially SHOCKING news for you, though.  Athletes are NOT the only group of people with groupies.  In my experiences, I have arrived at the realization that potential is an extremely difficult thing to ignore, and someone will frequently admire from afar recognizing the potential for one’s success.  Computer engineers, lawyers, doctors, professors; all these and many more.  Mo’ money, mo’ problems? True. BUT mo’ money, mo’ groupies?  Certainly!  There is always someone looking for a meal ticket.

Remember, as the term gold digger is a societal term, the qualifications are of fluid nature.  So, again, I ask.  What makes someone a gold digger?  Is it the equality of funds and/or potential to generate them?  Does it lie in the timing of interest?  Many would agree that being down before the success negates the potential tag altogether.  Does this phenomenon even truly exist?  What do YOU think?  I am here to massage your brain and spark insightful thought, and with that said, I bid you adieu.  Thank you for checking in the GAME! Stay tuned, as I will be hitting y’all with more stuff soon! God Bless!

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