Thursday, January 20, 2011

And My Resolution Is...

As I have continued my workout regiment in this first month of the year, I realized that the vacancies at exercise stations have become increasingly non-existent. While angry and puzzled, I took time to think about what might be causing this influx of formally absent people seeking self-improvement, and then, it hit me like a hydraulic-powered obstacle on “Wipeout”. NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS! As I drifted further into thought, pondering why this inconvenience always only lasts until mid-February, I decided that I attribute the lack of successful resolutions, even until June, to the manner in which we set goals.

Too often, much like a third baseman, who bulked up in the off-season, we try to go for the homerun during the first at bat. Translation for my non-sports aficionado readers— setting the bar too high for unobtainable goals. Baby steps are a tool that does not get used enough. Know yourself, and know your limitations. For this edition of Just GQ, I have cited a few steps for more effective goal setting and obtaining those very goals.

1. Identify: Clearly identify the goals, which you desire to obtain by writing them down and placing them in a highly visible area. Make sure to be specific in your identification, as specificity serves as a key element for focus on your goals. Place your goal sheet in a highly visible area so that they remain fresh in your mind, and you can better hold yourself accountable.

2. Map A Plan: Break the path to your goal down into smaller, intermediate steps. Use these steps as mini battles and opportunities for accomplishments, which will build your confidence and help you see the feasibility of accomplishing your larger goal. Mapping a plan will help you to chart your progress and further recognize your potential in the pursuit of your goals.

3. Stick to the Script: Once you have identified your plan, the most important thing is putting your plan into action and sticking to the identified course. A simple task, at first glance, but the key is remaining motivated. Constantly focus your mind on why you want to achieve your goal and the desire you possess to achieve that goal. As I previously mentioned, create visual reminders to keep yourself motivated; make it so the reminders of your goal are unavoidable.

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