Sunday, January 16, 2011

May I Take Your Bags?

“One day, all them bags gon’ get in your way, so pack light..” –Erykah Badu

Baggage, a common, yet novel concept; appropriately named, as well. Think about it. The setting is the airport, and you are pressed for time, rushing to catch your flight on “Gotta Get A Boo Airlines” (Yes, that name is copyrighted. Lol). You encounter traffic en route, and you have several bags, which you refused to check, so you have to run with all of them. You realize how difficult it is for you to move forward because of the baggage, observing the other people running for their flights and some giving up, settling for an extended stay in “It Wasn’t Meant To Be City”, waiting for the next trip.

Do you really need your “ex-lover” luggage, your “I’m never letting anyone hurt me” suitcase, AND your “trust no one” toiletry bag? People with baggage tote it because they think they need it or they do not truly want to unload the extra weight. For instance, the majority of us have been hurt in some instance, so as a defense mechanism, we might add a bag by putting up a wall in defense of that event repeating itself. So, does that mean for every time someone has lied to us, talked bad about us, or wronged us in any way we put up a wall? No. If that was the system everyone adopted, all of us would be fully enclosed and incapable of meaningful human interaction, which is not a productive manner to live. People who live fearful of everything, render themselves unable to gain anything. Others may continue their backpacking because they do not feel “ready” for a relationship or progressive interface.

If one desires significant interaction, the bags must get checked in order for the relationship to reach its full potential. Allowing oneself to get weighed down by the past inhibits the future, and honesty with self, also, holds pertinent importance, as true evaluation of the hoisted baggage must take place to move past it.

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