Sunday, January 30, 2011


So, about four years ago, one of my fraternity brothers put me on this unique and rarely realized scenario (YO! to @sircynikal K.S.F.K.O.F.). Please allow me to use this word document as my canvas and these words as the brush and vast catalog of colors with which I will paint this picture. (clears throat) Fellas know that quite frequently in dealing with our female counterparts, interaction can come and go in shifts. One week, you talk on the phone and text regularly, hang out on occasion, then communication ceases for a while, a couple weeks or a month. No big deal, though, that is just the way it goes, right? Right. This type of behavior has become normal and unworthy of commentary EXCEPT when you hit…(drumroll please) Valentine’s Day season!

HEED my advice, for I am here to warn you, telling you to BEWARE of any crafty ladies trying to re-establish communication from January 15th – February 14th,, or Valentine’s Day season, as we will refer to it. Take the scenario into account during your assessment, but frequently this re-established communication is NOT the by-product of an epiphany she suddenly had, where she realized, “Wait a tick! What was I thinking?! Even though I have showed LITTLE TO NO interest for a while now, I was CLEARLY trippin’!”

Ladies usually have strong feelings about Valentine’s Day. Some love it, some hate it, some love to hate it, and some hate that they love it. Either way, society and entertainment mediums (movies, songs, etc.) have conditioned our friends, toting two X chromosomes, to long for the romantic expression of feelings they view in movies such as “Sex and the City” and “The Notebook”, among countless other examples.

The correlation is that NO woman wants to be alone on the day dedicated to everyone sipping the proverbial kool-aid and getting love drunk. So, do not fancy yourself an expert fisherman, FINALLY nabbing the apple of your eye. When has a fish EVER just jumped in the boat, ready for consumption (not that women are fish, but you get what I mean.. lol)? The season is the catalyst in this reaction, so take it from me, abstain from ANY activity requiring you to spend anything but time, and WAIT until after the hangover to see if she remembers the interest she expressed during the Valentine’s Day season. In my opinion, then you can clearly judge the sincerity in her inquiry of you.

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