Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Roses & Chocolates

As your local stores have begun changing their internal colors to red, pink, and white, I am certain that all of you know Valentine’s Day is upon us. Previously, I sent out a warning to the fellas charging them to screen Valentine’s Day interest, but this post speaks to gestures, which will convey the message you want to send. Now, you know I like to help in this department, and hopefully Christmas wishes for presents were answered following your viewing of “The Guy’s Guide to Gift Giving.” Only this time, we have entered the season of loooove (That was supposed to be my Barry White

So, where do I begin? Ah, yes. Roses and chocolates, the age old, cliché gifts; the ones with which no one can really go wrong, but just for kicks, of course, let’s expand our minds and get a little creative, shall we? Now, I am a student of the “Don’t Trick It to Kick It” school of thought (I know y’all liked that one! Lol!), and we learn that it is often better to put on a thinking cap than to pull out a wallet. Making memories that will last is the ultimate goal of gestures made to the opposite sex, non-verbal or verbal expressions of emotion. According to my research, the best way to accomplish this goal is to be original; to do something that no one else has done for him or her, so that person will associate that action or activity with you from that point forward. Feel free to consult “The Guy’s Guide” for statistics on specifically preferred gifts, by the way.

PLEASE do not take my reluctance to spend money as a slanted view on the topic. Expensive gifts will be appreciated and rightfully so, like any other gift, BUT it is in the opinion of THE PEOPLE that the most memorable instances occur as the product of thought, planning, and sometimes allocated funds as opposed to mindless purchasing. Hopefully, I have encouraged your creativity, giving the proverbial hamster in your mind energy to run the wheel of idea generation.

In case you are wondering why I offered no specific gift suggestions, it is because that would be counter productive to your creativity! Allow your inner artist to take hold and create a masterpiece for this Valentine’s Day! God Bless and happy romancing!

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