Monday, February 7, 2011

Hall of Famer To Head Coach

If you are a regular Just GQ’er, you know I am an avid sports fan with a high degree of loyalty to my teams, specifically the TENNESSEE TITANS! Today, Titans officials confirmed reports that Jeff Fisher’s successor will be none other than former offensive line coach, Mike Munchak.

Fisher was relieved of his coaching responsibilities via “mutual agreement” with the Titans’ front office following a tumultuous season; one which saw the team leap out to a 5-2, first-place divisional start, only to be plagued with coach-player disagreements, namely Fisher and Vince Young, a 1-8 finish, and who could forget the Andre Johnson beatdown of safety, Courtland Finnegan (sigh).

Yet, following, the announcement of an eventual Young release and Fisher being excused from the organization that made him the longest tenured head coach (16 seasons, 55% win pct.), team owner, Bud Adams appears to be leading things in a new direction, kinda.  Prior to being hired as the Titans’ leader, Munchak, a hall of fame offensive lineman for the Houston Oilers, coached the Titans’ offensive line, developing four players into Pro Bowl talents for a total of 10 invitations, and produced five different 1,000 yard rushers (George, Brown, Henry, White, and Johnson). However, the fact remains that Mike Munchak has only been involved with one organization as a player (’82-’94) and coach (‘94-’10), which holds various pros and cons, and is a first time head coach.

I believe Munchak to be a great middle ground hire, new face from the old organization, which allows for an established comfort level and easier transition of power for the players, coaches, and the organization, as a whole. While, undoubtedly, deserving of a head coaching opportunity, it will be interesting to see how Munchak alters the make-up and culture of the team. Who will be at the helm of the offensive attack next season, provided Young is released (NFL lockout may complicate things)? How will Munchak change the Titans’ offensive approach, if any at all, as a previous conservative play calling style has been a griping point of Titans’ fans since Steve McNair and Eddie George manned the Titans backfield?

One thing is for certain. It will be interesting to observe as the Titans organization grows and matures under a new leader. Best of luck to you, Coach Munchak. We will be pulling for you! TITAN UP!

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