Monday, February 21, 2011

Keep Your Friends Close...

Surely, we are all aware of the often used adage, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, and while true, to an extent, more truth lies in the fact that great friends are one of the most difficult commodities to acquire.  I have, personally, been blessed to encounter a number of positive thinking people who strive to achieve their goals, encourage their family and friends to excel in all they do, and value all that encompasses true friendship.  I, also, received instruction from my elder family members, at a young age, to be mindful of whom I select to comprise my inner circle. 

As I have gained various life experiences, I have come to realize that “circle maintenance” is a MUST as we grow, adapt, and ACHIEVE!  Friends possess the unique trait of being an extension of family, and these extensions survive the natural tests of  separation which occur as life progresses and changes. 

I never believed when I was in high school that I would keep in contact with a single digit number of my 1600 classmates, and of those, I would only remain close to about two, but it happened just the same. The same scenario occurred in grade school, though more of us remain in contact, and I can expect nothing less than the same with college.  However, I am nothing but satisfied with the individuals who serve as the colors painting the portrait of my inner circle.  The people who you keep close to you reflect aspects of you, as a person, but if that is not the case perhaps an adjustment is in order.  Loyalty is one of the traits I value most, and in that spirit, true friends uplift and draw the best out of one another assisting in leaps to new heights!

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