Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Does 3:30 Work For You?

Time plays the pivotal role of an unavoidable element involved in every aspect of life, and much like the beat, it goes on and on. The importance of timing can be found in all things from the perfectly orchestrated two-minute drill to convert the deciding score to a clever, comedic punch line in a song or movie to the propensity of a relationship working out properly.

The majority of us can conveniently think of a time when we were genuinely interested in someone, and things, seemingly, matched up rather nicely, but there was just that something, that one thing that stopped us from diving in fully. Perhaps, we had just started a new job, were in the process of relocating, or maybe, just maybe we did not want to be in a relationship at that particular point. Regardless of the specific reason, the more general classification of these circumstances would be “bad timing”. I ask, though, was the timing the actual factor that halted the relationship prior to shifting it into gear, or was it a simple case of greater than, less than?

I realize that last comment probably took some of you back to a time with the miniature desks that I probably could only fit a thigh into with my adult frame, but ponder that for a second. Could we break it down to just saying, “Other things were more important”? Naturally, we create hierarchies of ideas in order of importance, and if something is of the highest level of importance, would the associated effort not be worth it? Perhaps, we may take a more analytical approach and feel that the return would not justify the time we would invest.

I believe there is vacant space for multiple schools of thought—or perhaps a fusion of the bunch. While I am a PROUD advocate for not entering into something, unless you feel confident in your ability to give 100%, I, also, believe we make time for the things we want. If we do not want something badly, then one can usually view a direct correlation to the effort given. Is it possible that that is where the “bad timing” lies—in our desire to sacrifice for a potentially great relationship; to sacrifice our own agendas, be that the single life or dreams of living abroad? Think on that, and let me know what YOU think!

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  1. Just checked in the game man....I like this one. Good work.

  2. I dont think its and issue of more important v. less important, I think its a classic case of a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. If I have a sure thing in regards to an upcoming move to a new city for a great job I'm not sure I would give it up just for the POSSIBILITY of a great relationship. They are both very important to me but at the the particular time in question, one is a sure thing and the other is not.