Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alessandra Ambrosio on GQ Brazil!

I have come to know that people enjoy visiting Just GQ and viewing the ever-changing backgrounds of domestic and international GQ Magazine Covers. In fact, I am fairly certain that some of you just took a look at this foreign cover and said to yourself, "Wow, she's bad. Who is that?" 

(Insert picture for further effect.. :-D)

(Pretty dope, right?)

Well, as I was on my way out of Brazil, I stopped by the mall in an attempt to spend the last of my foreign currency (Brazilian Real). A GQ cover caught my eye, capturing my attention, and then I saw the name, Alessandra Ambrosio. Ambrosio graced the inaugural cover of GQ Magazine's Brazilian extension, so naturally, I allowed the cover to dress the website for a little while.

Ambrosio, a Brazilian model who has been described as "the future of the modeling world" by one, Tyra Banks, served as the spokesmodel for the immensely popular Pink line of clothing presented by Victoria's Secret. She, also, draws recognition from appearances as a Victoria's Secret Angel and in television shows, among those How I Met Your Mother, a personal favorite of mine.

Just a little somethin', in case you were curious. Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode of Just GQ! Check in the GAME!

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