Monday, March 14, 2011

Reality Bites

In the digital age of innovative technology, people have become consumed with their immigration into world of social media. Facebook serves as a chronicle of users’ lives, available for all (including employers and some parents) to observe the various moods, statuses, and late night drunken activities in which people participate and have participated in since their membership with Facebook commenced. Twitter plays the role of the up and coming trend involving not only friends and friends of friends but celebrities and pseudo-celebs alike.


Pseudo-celeb: a person who has achieved slight fame through reality shows or another temporary means; believes they are more important than they really are; D-List; See For the Love of Ray J or Flavor of Love

Ok, now let’s continue. Twitter provides proverbial field passes for its users to stalk other users’ daily activities, intimate, and not so intimate thoughts.  By the way, follow me on Twitter – @GQ50! (Wink!) But I digress.

Basically, social media, from a non-business perspective, enables the crafty art of meddling to a large extent and makes the act almost completely effortless. Due to a lack of understanding of the word “discretion”, users will undoubtedly post controversial pictures, statements on people’s walls, or beef through the ever-changing “What’s on your mind?” statuses. Because of this fact, exercising personal vendettas, keeping tabs on someone, and/or simply messing with people has become a pastime frequented by many.

The aforementioned activities are of toxic nature to relationships, friendly or romantic. I will admit, initially when I heard of this epidemic, I did not believe that it actually occurred in the fashion it had been explained to me. That is, until I, personally, experienced it in a past relationship, one in which a significant portion of the relationship’s details existed in social media – pictures, official status, all the talk on the walls, all that. I, then, decided that was NOT the way to go, for me, at least.

So, how might one avoid these predicaments? Prudent caution. Discretion. Have your relationship in real life and not on the Internet. Please do not understand me to say you should remove yourself social media altogether or even not showcase your friendship and/or love, but neither Facebook, Twitter, nor MySpace before that, should be used as a personal journal or diary for all to track. Nothing can be gained from broadcasting your most intimate details on a social media stage. Meaningful relationships are challenging enough without extenuating circumstances. So, date someone in person and not online! Again, that’s @GQ50. Shameless plugs don’t hurt. #kanyeshrug Lol…

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