Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just GQ Get Right

Just as fall gave way to winter, the cold defers to the return of warmth as the leaves and flowers bloom in the spring. People are reminded of their new year’s resolutions to get in the gym and improve their health and fitness levels as winter coats are shed for bikinis and shirts exit for “no shirt season”. The problem with the perennial resolution to get back in the gym and lose the newly added weight is a number of people, dare I say the majority, are clueless when it comes to diet and training regiments. No need to fret, for Just GQ brings you (drumroll please…in an epic voice) THE JUST GQ GET RIGHT PLAN!

I am a firm believer that diet accounts for 90% of a healthy lifestyle and weight loss as well. The purpose of embracing a change in diet is to establish solid habits and personal guidelines by which people can abide. A large portion of the change centers around elimination, primarily of carbohydrates and late night eating, a popular drunken activity (yeah, that means YOU!)

For the record, the carbohydrates (or carbs) group primarily includes:

Now, I realize that a lot of you have bewildered looks on your faces right now, thinking, “This dude is crazy! He wants me to starve!” Believe me when I tell you, as an avid fan of food consumption, the last thing I would want someone to do is starve. And yes, I understand it was quite fat of me to state my infatuation with eating, but I digress. Where was I? Ahh yes… Employ fruits, vegetables, and HEALTHY snacks in place of the sugary, fatty, and synthesized foods that were formerly included in your diet. Great substitutes include grapes, apples, oranges, celery/carrot sticks, pineapple, assorted nuts, granola, bananas (though not a personal Just GQ favorite), among other foods in similar classes.

While on the Just GQ Get Right, you should increase the number of meals daily, while decreasing the portions. This allows your body to metabolize the food better. TRY to get THREE solid meals and 1-2 snacks in daily. We covered snack choices earlier, but as for your daily meal intakes, utilize LEAN meats and veggies. Lean meat choices include GRILLED or BAKED chicken, ground turkey, and fish (Notice how NOTHING said FRIED!) Speaking from a cost cutting perspective, for all my economically responsible brothers and sisters out there, bags/platters of frozen chicken and fish cost about $5.00-$7.00 at your local grocer or even better, Wal-Mart (PLUG!). Packages of ground turkey range from about $2.50-$5.00.

LET IT BE KNOWN: Living a healthy lifestyle is much cheaper than frequent candle light dining at McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants, and while I will charge you to end your fast food romance, I understand the convenience and work issues associated with that challenge. Healthy eating choices guest star on the majority of popular fast food menus, and if there are none on the menu about which you are thinking, cut it out (scissors+point+thumb=GET IT OUTTA HERE!)!

Let’s Recap
·       THREE meals daily with 1-2 snacks (increase meals, decrease portions)
·       Limit carb intake (See above list)
·       NO EATING AFTER 10 P.M. (Avoid “sleeping on your food”)
·       Get fruity... and umm… veggie? (Healthy snack choices!)
·       Employ lean meats
·       Drink LOTS of water AND cut out soft drinks (Limit sugars)!
·       Get the fast food OUTTA HERE!

Well, thank YOU for checking in the GAME! Stay tuned as I will continue this “Get Right” series with the Just GQ Get Right Workout next! We gotta get everything tight for the summer! 

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