Monday, May 9, 2011

And the Winner Is...

First, allow me to thank you all for bearing with me during this last week. I am in the midst of finishing up the first year of my masters, and my time has been very limited. Also, the development of is continuing as we ready for its launch! *sigh* Now that we are all caught up...

When united with someone in a relationship, we experience many a great moments, memories that become engrained into our mental photo albums. However, during break-ups, the contents of those mental photo albums overwhelm us, as we mourn the love that was or celebrate the freedom that is—depending on how you view it, of course. Once the initial sadness subsides, the focus then narrows to moving on, rebuilding, and “winning” the break-up—word to Charlie Sheen. I know that was petty, but I digress.

In pursuit of victory during a break-up bonanza, people, typically, saturate their interactions with feelings of reclamation camouflaged in a cloak of nonchalance. The portrayed fa├žade serves as a strategic tool in directly and/or indirectly manipulating the perception of the former significant other and uninvolved, yet heavily opinionated parties. As friends and acquaintances bombard those involved in the break-up with sincere or sometimes insincere concerns regarding their well-being, the idea is that “if I act like I don’t care, then I won’t care” or “when he/she asks about me, I don’t want him/her to think I am stressing it”.

While in my opinion, I believe this behavior to be somewhat customary and expected, in these situations, I have, to the best of my ability, attempted to shift the allocation of my attention from a portraying false attitude to increased gratitude (please excuse the corny rhyme—shrug). Our past experiences broaden our life acumen, so while understandable, instead of allowing oneself to be consumed by anger and sadness or keeping score in the break up, accept the failed relationship for what it is, a learning experience. Concentrate on the takeaways, and enhance yourself for future interactions because if you are not in a good state on your own, you do not need to depend on someone else to get you there!

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