Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Broaden the Scope!

Welcome. Let’s just go ahead and get into it! To achieve is to “reach or attain a desired objective, level, or result by effort, skill, or courage”. Now, with that in mind, take a minute for an activity. Either mentally, on your computer, or with a pen and paper jot down the goals you plan to attain.

Finished? Now, obviously I have no means of knowing what exactly you wrote down, however, I would be willing to bet that if I told you to make your goals more grand or more expansive you could. Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, BUT why is this not the normal scope through which we view our potential, our ability to achieve. Why do we give ourselves alligator arms when reaching for success?

As I completed my undergraduate curriculum, taking the capstone course for my major, my professor encouraged all of his students to organize their goals in a manner that supported progressive thinking and realization of potential. He urged us to set our goals in three categories:

Short Term: Short term goals are obviously of a more immediate nature, but with that said, the time periods’ length is relative to the greater timeline. Personally, my short term goals span from 6 months to a year.

Long Term: Conversely, long term goals utilize the attainment of short term goals as additional materials to paint the bigger picture. (See what I did there?) Long term goals, typically, range from a minimum of a year to 5+, with no true cap on the time.

B.H.A.G.: My personal favorite of the bunch, this category of goals grants permission to dream absurdly HUGE! I know a lot of you were confused by the acronym, but B.H.A.G. stands for “big hairy audacious goal”. The more ludicrous it sounds to other people (especially the doubters), the better.

Burst through the ceiling, and let the light shine on your pursuit of GREATNESS! No one can stop you but YOU, and I understand that many people say things such as this as clichés, but IT IS TRUE! Society, doubters, and in some cases family and friends attempt to ground those who dare to dream and ACCOMPLISH big, but BROADEN THE SCOPE through which you view your ability to succeed and do just that, SUCCEED!


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