Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back To the Real World

So, I, like many of the other members of my generation, grew up in the 90s and early 2000s watching the original reality television show, The Real World. The real life drama with changing locale produced a number of television memories all viewers share. If I can level with you all, I kinda always wanted to be on it, too! Don’t judge me.

With the last season I remember watching being circa 2002, I was pretty over the show, that is, until…(drumroll please) REAL WORLD: LAS VEGAS (Comes on MTV, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST, in case you are interested)! I started back watching on a whim, and it has not come close to disappointing. There has been non-stop action, confrontation, and everything you could want from mind-numbing television! As I watched the last episode, I began to reminisce over the past seasons and my favorite characters, who established my loyalty to the show, and with that being said, I wanted to share my TOP FIVE REAL WORLD STARS with you.

5. Mike AKA “The Miz” – Fulfilling the role of the sheltered White male, Mike fell victim to seemingly harmless curiosity taken the wrong way by Coral, the roommate famous for both instigating and participating in countless altercations. With the initial argument in the past “The Miz”, a wrestling personality frequently acted by Mike, made the most of his experience and furthered his desire to become a WWE star, which he did as he is, now, the reigning WWE Champion.

4. Coral – The aforementioned antagonist in a multitude of situations on the Real World, Coral continued her time on MTV on multiple challenges in pursuit of perpetuated relevance within pop culture and cash prizes.

3. Alton – Though he considerably resembled Donatello, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, the extreme sports enthusiast received my unwavering respect for scooping one of THE BADDEST female personalities on the show, Irulan.

2. Irulan – This Real World beauty, starred alongside Alton, in the 2002 season in Las Vegas, coincidentally. She revealed a touch of crazy at times during her time on the show, most famously in a house smashing real fight turned play with Alton.

1. Teck – At the number 1 spot, Teck AKA “Teck Money” transcended the role of a Real World personality. Clearly, the star of the Hawaii season, Teck captured the attention of audiences with his cool demeanor and numerous “friends” he visited, had visit the house, and had in the house. Wait for it. Lol. Teck did not stop at the Real World, as he enjoyed a brief stint as an MTV VJ, before beginning a lengthy film and television career. Teck has appeared in projects including, but not limited to, Van Wilder, First Daughter, Friends, and Lincoln Heights.

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  1. Speaking of the Hawaii season in the Real World. Ruthie was crazy!!!! haha. She made the show very interesting to watch though.