Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Components of Self

Random mood.. Hopefully, this will be interesting to someone.. Enjoy!

I am first and foremost a child of God; my faith is my foundation, my rock. I pride myself on being a bit of an anomaly, a jack of all trades, a multifaceted being; a smart athlete, a respectable ladies’ man, a progressive minority. I intend on dispelling the expression one should not be a jack of all trades but a master at one. I fully believe the human mind and space for ambition are capable of mastering multiple areas, functioning effectively. I possess a distinct distain for negative people. As my friends have heard me say frequently, “Hating takes ZERO effort.” Simple, yet painfully true.

I am the quintessential extrovert. I greet others with excitement and hugs. I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them. I believe, for the most part, that value can be discovered in finding common ground with new and old people. Generally speaking, I have found that one can most easily understand why people act in the manner they do through casual observance of interaction with them. The ability to coexist with others (i.e. interpersonal skills) belongs to a class of the most basic, yet most evasive skills essential to succeeding in life. The fact of the matter is that not everyone will like you, and you will most certainly not like everyone, but in some capacity you MUST learn to coexist, be cordial, and sometimes collaborate in order to become successful. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, so I will assume that you assume “for the most part” applies. I strive to positively impact people’s lives. Through interaction. Through words. Through actions. Through testimony. Granted, I have not achieved all that I intend to achieve, reached all the heights I intend to reach, I know that I have not gotten to where I currently reside without help from my fellow man. In order to pay homage to those who helped me, I must continue in helping the next man. With this mentality, we can rise as a people. Cooperation is key!

The struggles we encounter are truly a blessing in disguise because they provide a platform from which we can grow if we allow ourselves to do so. The Lord uses the struggle as a catapult to launch us to the attainment of the goals for which we toil. Our labor and usage of the gifts, talents, and opportunities with which we have been blessed serve as a personal statement of effort in reaching our full potential. If we fail to maximize our potential, we do a disservice to our Creator, our parents, those who love us, and everyone who invested in us. This is what I believe.

I am not perfect. I never claim to be. I admit faults—if you convince me I am incorrect. I am a proud individual, and, that pride causes me to never accept defeat! I am not a relationship expert, but I am an observer in all aspects of my interests and life. My content is based on insight into my experiences and observations. I dream big, love hard, and value loyalty as much as I give it. I lead the pack, though I understand the associated benefit in following UNTIL you learn to lead. I possess a hustler’s mentality, and while the settings may change, the principles remain the same. I am a brand, and take great pride in protecting that brand. I will, if it is in God’s Will, achieve all I want and more for He will make my cup runneth over!

Hopefully this appealed to someone. I, only, desired to be candid for a bit, and offer a look into the components of myself. Until next time. God Bless!


  1. I absolutely love this post! I live by the same beliefs you've stated. I always enjoy reading your posts....especially when you acknowledge God as the ultimate source of your success. Keep up the good work!:-)

  2. Thanks.. I am happy you enjoyed it.. Give HIM the prasise..

  3. Man, this is possibly my favorite post. - JP