Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get Right With Boot Camp

Today's Just GQ features a guest post from Bryen Pinkerd, of Bryen's Bootcamp and 21 Days Later. Bryen is a personal trainer out of Louisville, KY, who feels passionately about people adopting healthy lifestyles. His guest post includes an alternate workout, primarily focused on the upper body, although the lower body should not be ignored because no one should look like a Range Rover riding on 5 inch rims. #andthatsreal! You can also follow Bryen on Twitter @pinkdaddy23! Now, let's hear from Bryen!

-This plan was made for male and females. 
-For Size stay low reps but high weight.  
-For Leaning out stay high reps but low weight. 

For a combination of both size and strength vary reps throughout the weeks for instance: 

Week 1 and 3 go 10 reps 
Week 2 and 4 go 6 reps HEAVY 

Chest and Triceps 

DB Floor Press
Lying Skull Crushers
Twisting Trunk Rotation (DB)  (Swiss Ball)
Leg Scissors
Crossover Crunch
Hip Thrust

Back and Biceps 

DB Row
DB Bicep Curls 
Hammer Curls
Concentration Curls
Leg Raise
Bicycle Kicks
Full Sit-Ups
DB Side Bend

Shoulders/ Traps 

Standing Shoulder Press
Lateral Raise   
Arnold Press
Shoulder Front Raise
Bent Over Rear Delt Fly
DB Shrugs

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