Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three Reasons Why I Get Hyped For Spring

As my first northern winter, which was brutal, has subsided and spring emerges, I can hardly contain my excitement for warm weather, replacing overbearing down coats with polos and shorts! In my enthusiasm, I started thinking, "Why do I get so hyped for warm weather's return?" And thus, I present to you...drumroll, allowing anticipation to build... MY TOP 3 REASONS WHY I GET HYPED FOR SPRING!

THREE! The return of the cookout; some of my fondest memories derive from spontaneous congregations surrounded by blue skies, buns, and brats! Cookouts are great reasons to go to a park or someone's house and just chill with great food, friends, and fun! (Gotta love alliteration!) They can also supplement one's food cost with surpluses of vittles usually being prepared and the art of the "to-go plate" keeping your refrigerator stocked!

TWO! Sundress season. 'Nuff said! Yup, the sundress, the maxi dress, whatever, you gotta love it!

And the number ONE reason why I get hyped for spring is...

THE KENTUCKY DERBY! For my abroad readers and those not familiar with the event, the Derby is a celebration concluded on the first Saturday in May every year with the "Run for the Roses" at Churchill Downs, the most famous and highly touted horse race in the sport! The actual Derby Day is preceded by festivities including but not limited to fireworks, air shows, chow wagons, and parties, LOTS of parties. Celebrities and non-celebrities, alike, flock to the Bluegrass State to take part in the activities surrounding "the most exciting two minutes in sports"! Black tie galas motivate everyone to drape themselves in the best their closets and/or often shopping can offer to impress at each outing! BUT my words do not do the Derby the proper amount of justice, so my advice would be to visit and take part in the Derby!

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